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:star: a note from the administrator :star:

Ok... I know I said I'd post the winner on suday, but was still a little tired from my flights saturday and was recovering... So now here i am!

Our winner for the first Arsenaway contest is... *drum roll please*

:airborne: :iconkairou-no-kimi: :airborne:

Woooo!!!!! You are our offical membe of the month! *starting december cause november's almost over...  n n;;;

Thanks :devlndyranko:for taking part of the contest and don forget to note for your prize as well....
Let us review what our fan-tabulous prizes are...

1st place- will be member of the month + an art request from your lovely administrator or our Honorary Member Reenigrl !

and for....

2nd place- one lineart of an arsenaway character or OC character of choice

*Wild appaulse like a cheesy game show*

so that's the latest club news...
and to everyone else, be sure to keep trying to recruit members and those who also love Arsenaway!

My best and all my :heart: , :icontabaotsi:


Obviously must be Arsenaway related. Characters raking leaves, carmel apples, halloween, thankgiving... you know... stuff that happens in the fall!

1st place- will be member of the month + an art request from your lovely administrator or our Honorary Member Reenigrl !

2nd place- one lineart of an arsenaway character or OC character of choice

3rd- pencil sketch of arsenaway character or OC character of choice

Entries has to be something fall related, so I suppose Halloween would count, but so do scarves, sweaters, carmel apples, hay rides, corn mazes etc....

Only members may participate in contest, so f you want to join in the contest but are not a memeber, then consider joining this club, because obviously you must be some Reenigrl fan or else why be here?

entries MUST be turned in via note and a link or thumb of pic in it.

so start thinking about ideas and start sketching.


Hi everyone! :heart:

:star: Welcome to Arsenaway Lovers! The Fan club dedicated to :iconreenigrl: 's original Manga, Arsenaway. :star:

You're probably more familiar with her other fan manga, Memories, featuring her Inuyasha OC, Yume (for the Yume Fan club*, follow this link! ) .

This club is dedicated to the wonderful work done by this amazing artist, who just so happens to also be a really cool and nice person n_n! :heart:

So if you support all Arsenaway works, then this is the place for you!  

:airborne: Creator and Honorable Member::airborne: :iconreenigrl:
*Member of the Month*



:iconcaptainninjapants: :iconguardianofshadows: :iconchibi-angel-chan: :iconrinfan24: :iconlily-sohpia-evens: :iconkairou-no-kimi: :iconrosedragonfire: :iconlilyannhale: :iconria-starlin: :icongrapeicies: :iconhappy-in-misery: :iconbardocksbabe: *NEW* :iconanimefanchild:

To Join:

:bulletpurple: Send a note to the club for membership. I Mean It.... It makes it easier for me to keep track of people and not dig through the comments on the page.

In your request, please answer these questions:

:bulletpurple: Do you know what/ who Arsenaway is? (yes, sort of, no?)

:bulletpurple: Know any of the other characters? (yes, no)

:bulletpurple: Are you currently watching :iconreenigrl: (if not then hopefully in the near future)

:bulletpurple: Are you a fan of her other works? (yes, no, YUME CHAN!!!!)

:bulletpurple: Will you participate in future contest, weither they be fan art, fan fiction, or icons? (maybe, depends, yes, no)  
:star: After you've recieved confirmation for membership, DO NOT FORGET TO WATCH THIS CLUB! :star:  

To Submit Work:

Pretty standard for fan clubs on DA.

:bulletpurple: Send us a link to your fan art and it will be added into the gallery, along with a quick note saying that you have expressed permission for such work to be uploaded.

However, if it's not a nice pic for the kiddies (like it's oddly bloody, gore-y, or sexually provocative... *which i have no idea why that'd be... O_o;;;* ) Those works will be favorited, and made sure the mature content warning is up.

:bulletpurple: Please remember to favorite and comment on the artist's page and not on here. disobey this rule and you give me permission to send Anatnas and Takeru to kick your butt! *at least until i get permission from :iconreenigrl: to use the two so i can tell them to do so*  

Those are the rules.

:star: Hope you all will continue your support for :iconreenigrl: or Arsenaway and join the club! n___n :heart: :star:

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Grim-Grinning Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2009  Student Digital Artist

Thanks again for the favorite ♥
Kairou-no-Kimi Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Qweee... when are you going to do a contest? >.<
Arsenaway-lovers Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2009
I have yet to discuss with :iconreenigrl: about a contest... plus been super busy this summer so the club's been in some sort of a hitaus...

but I'm going to get activities back up soon so dont worry! n_n
Kairou-no-Kimi Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright, I can't wait.
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- Konosa
Arsenaway-lovers Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2009

just note me on my account, :iconhikarurouge: and let me know hwat else I need to do. n n
GuardianOfShadows Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2008  Student General Artist
There ya go n n your subby is up
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Chibi-Angel-chan Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2008
may i join?
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